Patients…and the Renegotiation of Health Care

Negotiations between Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Massachusetts and Tufts Medical Center made news this week: Tufts wants what it considers to be a modest increase in payment rates over the next three-to-five years. Blue Cross says that Tufts is already making too much. Tufts says that it gets paid at lower rates than other, larger […]

Research and Markets adds Renegotiating Health Care

Research and Markets, “the world’s largest market research resource,” has added the second edition of  Renegotiating Health Care to its offering. Thanks for helping bring our work to a larger audience!

Renegotiation Brings Better Health Outcomes, Lower Costs

The November 2011 issue of The Atlantic features an article on CareMore, a health care provider serving only Medicare Advantage plan patients. Through innovative renegotiation of everything from the care model to the business model, CareMore has delivered high rates of patient satisfaction, improved health outcomes, and lower overall costs. CareMore was recently acquired by […]

Can Cost Accounting Save Health Care? Not Without Renegotiating the System

Dr. Barry Dorn contributed to this post. In the September 2011 of Harvard Business Review, Harvard Business School professors Robert Kaplan and Michael Porter argue that a better understanding of the actual cost of care patient-by-patient can have a dramatic impact in the effort to control costs. They maintain that actual costs are poorly understood, […]

Does Better Leadership Equal Better Outcomes?

As a group that studies and teaches leadership to students and professionals in health care, we read the recent National Healthcare Leadership Survey with great interest. It si prepared by the National Center for Healthcare Leadership “to assess the adoption of evidence-based leadership development best practices by health care organizations.” The Center rightly points out […]

The 570-Calorie Renegotiation

ABC News recently reported that the average American eats 570 more calories per day than in 1977 according to a study from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. No wonder the CDC says that more than one-quarter of the nation’s population is obese. What struck us about these findings was how absent they […]

Can Care and Community Continue to Co-Exist?

The news that the Cleveland Clinic is closing Huron Hospital in East Cleveland (NY Times, June 7) is the latest evidence of the dramatic changes transforming the U.S. health care system. Rising costs, an aging population, shortages of nurses and primary care physicians, and the emerging implementation of the Affordable Care Act of 2010 are […]

Renegotiating Health Care Excerpt Now Available

The second edition of Renegotiating Health Care has hit the shelves. If you’d like a free preview, please download the preface and first chapter with our compliments: RHC 2nd Ed Excerpt We particularly enjoyed the opportunity to interview health care leaders from front line docs and nurses to hospital CEOs to policy makers and administrators. […]

The Myth of Magic Elixirs and the Future of Health Care

The ongoing debate around health care reform offers ample evidence that people still believe in magic elixirs. For years we heard that if only tort reform could be enacted, frivolous lawsuits would vanish, defensive medicine would wane, and the health care system’s cost problems would be solved. If only it were that simple. Another wondrous […]

Intergration Can Control Costs, Improve Outcomes

We write extensively about the trend of integration of care in the second edition of Renegotiating Health Care. We looked at integration at three levels of scale: Kaiser Permanente is the largest private integrated health care system in the country and has been able to attack costs while boosting patient satisfaction; Village Health Partners in […]