The Affordable Care Act: Leadership Challenges after Affirmation

We have two areas of research and teaching: conflict resolution and negotiation in healthcare and crisis leadership. With today’s Supreme Court decision, these two come together in dramatic fashion. One of the lessons that we teach crisis leaders is that each event is actually many events. On its face, the Supreme Court’s decision is a […]

It’s Time for a Public Health President

The discussion of health in the current U.S. presidential race has largely been limited to loud calls for the repeal of the Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act by Republicans. Each has competed to be the loudest and most strident to denounce “Obamacare.” Many on the left are afraid that Obama may have squandered his […]

Does Better Leadership Equal Better Outcomes?

As a group that studies and teaches leadership to students and professionals in health care, we read the recent National Healthcare Leadership Survey with great interest. It si prepared by the National Center for Healthcare Leadership “to assess the adoption of evidence-based leadership development best practices by health care organizations.” The Center rightly points out […]