Is it Time to Ditch Medicare?

Having endured the past year of the Presidential campaign — most recently the Obama v. Romney debate — in which Medicare is characterized as the program that will send the United States into bankruptcy, I realize that the question must be asked: why not end it? It is a bold notion — one discussed privately […]

Intergration Can Control Costs, Improve Outcomes

We write extensively about the trend of integration of care in the second edition of Renegotiating Health Care. We looked at integration at three levels of scale: Kaiser Permanente is the largest private integrated health care system in the country and has been able to attack costs while boosting patient satisfaction; Village Health Partners in […]

Health Care and Congress: It’s Time for a Walk in the Woods

by Leonard J. Marcus, PhD, Barry C. Dorn, MD, and Eric J. McNulty A Democratic Congress passed health care reform. A Republican House of Representatives is bent on repealing it. The latest Republican budget proposal calls for significant structural changes in Medicare and Medicaid. We have already seen that the back-and-forth is going to be […]